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The time is now! For so many years, I have had requests to teach this advanced healing knowledge from the Archangels. The timing was not right. NOW it is. FINALLY.

Rachael White Angel Intuitive Thearapist

"I am so thrilled to be able to teach this angelic wisdom that has guided me as an Angel Intuitive Therapist. I have practiced and refined these modalities in my private practice in sessions and remotely with my clients for almost two decades with the guidance of Archangels.

It's enabled me to support so many clients and to establish a global client base. It is such a blessing and honour to support others to heal, manifest and awaken spiritually to transform lives. Now, it is my great pleasure to teach the wisdom of the Archangels to you so that you may go on to help people across the globe as a spiritual healer. " Rachael White, Founder



  • This is a weekly ONLINE LIVE Group Learning on ZOOM that will be taught be presented taught by Rachael White for six consecutive weeks . This is an advanced course. Please note that this course is only offered to students who have completed the Angel Intuitive Therapist Professional Certification.

  • This course is for students interested in becoming Angel Intuitive Therapist Professional at DIPLOMA level. It Is a divinely guided spiritual healing system with the Archangels created by Rachael White. Rachael has been guided in her spiritual healing practice by the Archangels for almost two decades. This has afforded her the opportunity to further develop and refine therapies used with clients in her private practice. These transformation healing therapies with the Archangels have been used with clients across the globe to support transformational change and healing with the Archangels.

  • This healing knowledge has never been taught before and is advanced knowledge and wisdom shared with Rachael by the Archangels to now teach to others.



  • MODULE 1 Angel Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

  • MODULE 2: Advanced Archangel Aromatherapy

  • MODULE 3: Spirit attachment & Curse Removal with the Archangels

  • MODULE 4: Past Life Therapy with the Archangels

  • MODULE 5: Space Clearing of homes & businesses with the Archangels

  • MODULE 6:Manifesting with the Archangels

Learn how to conduct Past Life Regression Therapy with the Archangels for your clients.

Benefits of the Course

  • Advanced spiritual teachings in a range of Spiritual Healing Treatments working with the Archangel healing energy.

  • You will gain in-depth knowledge on connecting and developing your own personal relationship with the Archangels.

  • 2 x One on One Mentoring Sessions with Rachael

  • 90 minute One on One Assessment with Rachael

  • Advanced knowledge never been taught or written about before.

  • Professional Certification in Advanced Spiritual Healing Modalities with Mentorship

  • Become a Spiritual Coach specialising in Angel Intuitive Coaching using a psycho-spiritual and positive psychology approach.

  • Wholesale Practitioner Pricing for Archangel Aromatherapy. Access to more specialist practitioner products.

  • Work for yourself as a Professional Spiritual Healer from the comfort of your own home offering many options for healing to your clients and prescribing Archangel Aromatherapy for ongoing healing and transformation.

Learn how to clear the energy in a space with the Archangels and help others living in energetically compromised homes & businesses..

What happens next?

  • STEP 1


    Go go link and register your interest in the Diploma.

  • STEP 2


    On the Sunday 18th July you will be able to login and enrol in the course and make a payment.

  • STEP 3

    ONLINE LIVE Lessons Begin

    Group Coaching: This is a 6-week course will be taught by Rachael White online via Zoom. It will commence on Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 6.30pm AEST . This is a six modules course to be completed weekly on a live. Each Module is a 2-hour online lesson over six weeks in a group online environment.


Enrolment Open Sunday 18th July 2021. ONLINE Classes start Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 6.30pm AEST

Rachael White

Your Angel Healing Therapist &
Owner of SoulScented Apothecary

Rachael White is an Angel Intuitive Therapist, Spiritual Coach, Author, Speaker & Perfumer Rachael has been an Angel Healing Therapist for almost two decades and has developed and refined the Angel Intuitive Therapy, a spiritual healing system with the guidance of the Archangels. Rachael also developed the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions a vibrational medicine channelled with the Archangels. As a practitioner, Rachael has been able to refine this wonderful angelic healing system to teach others. Qualified in Business, Positive Psychology, Wellness, Aromatherapy and as natural perfumer Rachael uses aromatics as her tool for emotional, spiritual and energetic healing and transformation.


  • How do I register

    If you have completed your Angel Intuitive Therapy Professional Certification and received a Certificate you are able to register for this course.

  • What happens when I am accepted

    Once accepted into the course you will be required to enrol online and make a payment. You can pay up front for the course in full or enter a payment plan.

  • How much does the Angel Intuitive Therapist Professional Diploma cost?

    It is $2200 including gst or if you pay with the payment plan option it is $183.00 per month x 12 months.

  • Are there payment plans

    Yes we have a 12 monthly payment plan. This must be paid in full for Therapists to be awarded the completed Diploma.

  • When do LIVE GROUP Classes begin?

    WEDNESDAY 21st July 6.30pm AEST 9.30am United Kingdom 8.30pm New Zealand 4.30am USA 11.30am EU